Sun Oracle Database Machine

posted May 6, 2010, 3:28 AM by Pedro Amaya Coullaut

The Sun Oracle Database Machine is the world's fastest for any type of database workload, and the only database machine that runs transaction processing applications. It is a complete package of software, servers, storage and networking for all data management, including data warehousing, transaction processing and consolidated mixed application workloads. The Sun Oracle Database Machine also includes Oracle's new Sun FlashFire technology to cache 'hot' data for dramatically improved transaction response times and throughput. With the Sun Oracle Database Machine, customers can consolidate all their database applications, store up to ten times more data, search data up to ten times faster, and make faster business decisions in real time without making changes to applications.

Oracle Exadata Storage Servers
At the heart of this system is the Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, which has smart storage software built in. The smart storage software offloads data-intensive query processing from Oracle Database 11g servers and brings it closer to the data. As a result, much less data travels over the server's fast InfiniBand interconnects—dramatically improving both query performance and concurrency for transaction processing and data warehousing applications.

Choice of Configurations
The Sun Oracle Database Machine is available in a choice of configurations that scale from a quarter rack to a 42-unit rack complete with 8 database servers and 14 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers.